21 Years Young and Still Going Strong

We’re celebrating 21 years of advertising excellence

Our MD and Mother Superior, Lisa Currey started Hamiltons Advertising 21 years ago with big dreams and an unwavering will to succeed. Back in those days the fledgling agency was housed in a small but trendy space in Dunkley Square, right in the heart of Cape Town’s vibrant Kloof street creative hub.

We’re proud to say that in the past 21 years we’ve been involved in building retail brands that have made their mark both nationally and internationally.

At the beginning our client list included everything from sports retailers and wineries to seafood chains and even international textile brands. However, the trajectory of the agency changed when Lisa met with the owners of a small fruit and vegetable chain called Fruit & Veg City.

The group had a grand total of five stores and Lisa saw an opportunity to grow not only their business, but also her own. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hamiltons has played an integral part in the success, initially of Fruit & Veg City, then of its offshoot Food Lover’s Market, and also FreshStop, the latest brand to join the FLM Group.

We’ve had some great fun along the way and continue to be inspired every day by Lisa’s commitment to her clients, her employees and her vision of delivering exceptional work that shifts boundaries.