Advertising 101 – building a brand through partnership and passion

“We’re not about awards – we’re about inspired and happy clients; the passion that goes into each project; and great results.” This is the mantra that Lisa Currey, Managing Director of Hamiltons Advertising, swears by. And it is this approach, and a desire to build long-term partnerships with clients, that has been the foundation of the Cape Town based advertising agency.

“We form partnerships with our clients and really immerse ourselves in their brands to understand their business – in fact, it’s very important to us to have a good understanding of our clients, their business and their industry,” says Currey.

It is this focus on understanding each client’s business – and a passion for innovation in advertising – that has played a part in establishing the agency and its 33-strong team as retail specialists, boasting key accounts such as Fruit & Veg City, Food Lover’s Market, FreshStop and Zespri International.

Focussed on covering all retail touch points for its clients, Hamiltons Advertising does it all – from concept to store design and everything in between, including slick execution of brand sponsorship and events. Currey says, “We can take a product from conceptualisation to beautifully executed creative campaigns, packaging, photography, print, radio, television, and events, as well as store design and interiors.”

Hamiltons Advertising, which has been operating for 18 years, has been the brand custodian for some of South Africa’s most successful and innovative brands, through its unique 360-degree proposition and vast retail experience. Currey says, “We attribute the success of our key accounts, and in particular Food Lover’s Market, to a great culture fit and passion for retail advertising. It is truly an indicator of how important it is to build long-term relationships in order to understand and know the brand you’re servicing.”

“Whether you’re a new product or an existing brand, we would love to partner with you and help you navigate the advertising landscape by creating unique retail concepts and campaigns to address your specific business need,” concludes Currey.