Celebrating the Olympic Spirit

Every year Hamiltons helps Food Lover’s Market to stage their spectacular in-house conference. This is an opportunity for everyone involved in the company to network, listen to inspiring speakers and discuss the way forward for the brand.

Because we are in an Olympic year, we thought that this would be the perfect theme for the 2016 Food Lover’s Market Conference. Hamiltons quickly got into the Olympic spirit and created beautiful banners and other decorations that drove home the theme.

We also put together an inspiring short film which opened the conference, as well various other movies showcasing the latest innovations within the Food Lover’s Market brand. And just to show that we’re genuine all-rounders, we even got involved with the logistics of the event.

In the end it was another one for the books. Everyone who attended was totally blown away by the professionalism with which the conference was organised and with the striking elements created by Hamiltons. This is a perfect example of how we work together closely with our clients to achieve amazing results.