We’re champions by choice

A quick look at our agency’s 2015 in-house conference

Hamiltons Advertising is a dynamic and ever-evolving agency, as showcased by our exciting, informative and inspiring in-house conference, held on Thursday 30 May at the Crystal Towers Hotel & Spa near Century City.The theme for the conference was “Champions by choice” and the two main guest speakers for the day were Brian Coppin, CEO of Food Lover’s Market, and world-renowned motivational speaker Michael Jackson (the other Michael Jackson).
Brian treated us to a colourful version of his life and how Fruit & Veg City, and later, Food Lover’s Market, came to be. We’ll never look at him, or at red underpants, the same ever again! Michael’s talk was about the importance of embracing change in a world that is transforming at an unprecedented pace.
It was an extremely thought-provoking and inspiring presentation, but also a reality check, as we realised that we need to stay ahead of the curve if we are to flourish in a world that is constantly in flux. It wasn’t all serious though, as the studio, the creative heart of the agency, showed us a fun little video of who and what inspires them personally and creatively. We also got a closer look at what the account executives, as well as the finance, project management and media departments get up to on a day-to-day basis. The conference was ended off with a delicious dinner at Knife, where we reflected on a day filled with wisdom, funny anecdotes, and most importantly, motivation to do even better work for our clients.